Welcome to our village. Pentalofos is located in the south-western tip of Aitoloakarnania, and is part of the municipality of Iniades. Beautifully placed in one of the banks of the Aheloos  river (the second biggest river of Greece) it is one of the prettiest villages of the region. Relatively small it is perfectly stretched on two low hills.

        The residents are characterized by simplicity, hospitality and modesty. Their main occupation is agriculture, and it is typical in the summer months to see the vast green meadows around the village.

        During the summer, as it usually happens in all country sites, the village is full of life. People who were born here and have moved to various parts of the country and the world (with the majority in Athens), feel the need to come back, even for few days. August fifth, sixth and seventh, the village celebrates its church’s namesake and one of the best festivals in the region takes place. It is a three day celebration with traditional rhythms and songs, which always leaves unforgettable memories. Even though for most, this is the best season of the year, people can enjoy good food, beautiful shops next to the river, music and dance all year long

       The residents and visitors can take advantage of the numerous beaches of the wild and virgin beauty of the Ionian Sea, which are only minutes away. The festival of Iniades that takes place in Trikardo is remarkable with its plays and events by well known artists that are held in the ancient theatre.

       Pentalofos is in very close proximity to the historical city of Mesologgi (the capital of Etoloakarnania) and Agrinio, one of the fastest developing cities of Greece. With the abundant access to public and private transportation, residents in the area have easy access to the rest of the region and all it has to offer.

Area             24.660

Population    1991      1233

                   2001       993